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Contact our office to schedule the Initial Evaluation. We will make every effort to see the employee within 24 hours.


The employee will have an Initial Evaluation with a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). The SAP will determine the appropriate level of education or treatment.

The SAP will recommend an education or treatment provider who will best meet the needs of the employee.


Our office will contact the employee within 24 hours of the initial evaluation to make the employer aware of the recommendation and where the employee has been referred.

The SAP will monitor the progress of the employee and will schedule a follow-up assessment when the employee has made sufficient progress in their program.


When the follow-up assessment has been completed, our office will notify the employer that the employee has been released for return to safety sensitive functions. The typed report will be sent to the employer within 24 hours.

How to Designate a Substance Abuse Professional

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: How to Designate a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

The Return-to-Duty Process (for Drivers):

A driver with a verified drug and alcohol program violation is prohibited from performing safety-sensitive functions until he or she completes the return-to-duty (RTD) process. The driver must be evaluated by a substance abuse professional (SAP), who also oversees the driver’s treatment and education plan. The driver selects his or her SAP, either from the list of DOT-qualified SAPs provided by his or her employer (as required per § 40.287), or based on his or her own research. Before the SAP can record information relating to the driver’s RTD status, the driver must send a request to designate his or her SAP in the Clearinghouse. Once the SAP approves the driver’s request, the SAP will be able to enter RTD information about the driver. Choose us as your SAP

How a Driver Designates a SAP:

The instructions to designate a SAP can be found in the Clearinghouse. To complete this action, a driver must be registered in the Clearinghouse. A driver must contact a SAP and establish a relationship prior to designating him or her in the Clearinghouse. When coordinating with your chosen SAP, be sure they have registered for the Clearinghouse, as a SAP must be registered to accept your designation request and enter information about your RTD process. Read more | Let us assist you

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