Operation Impact for DOT Violations

Operation Impact for DOT Violations

Understanding the role that cannabis has to play both recreationally and medically is very complex especially when it comes to DOT violations. The scientific community agrees there is a lot we do not know. Strength has increased dramatically. Perception of both benefits and risks remain confusing to many.

Cannabis confusion is common among drivers who often unknowingly or knowingly use a mislabeled CBD product that results in a positive test for marijuana. DOT marijuana violations have increased 32.6% in the past year.


  • Informed Choice and Critical Thinking
  • Beyond Seed & Flower
  • Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana
  • Effects of Marijuana on the Brain and Body
  • Acute & Prolonged Effects of Cannabis
  • Impaired Driving: Cannabis Impact on Roadway Safety
  • Risky Business: Marijuana & Mental Health
  • DOT & ODAPC Guidelines
  • Navigating the Clearinghouse
  • Impact of CBD on CDL Drivers

Program Offered

Wednesdays (Twice Monthly) 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

  • Call to Enroll (410) 730-1333
  • $130 per Person
  • Available for all DOT Drivers Nationwide.
  • Held on Webex, A HIPAA Compliant Software Program