Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: For SAPs

Excerpts from the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, for MROs and SAPs, from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. View PDF

The FMCSA Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Database containing CDL drivers’ drug and alcohol program violation information
  • Reported by employers and medical review officers (e.g., positive tests, refusals, etc.)
  • Information includes whether a driver has successfully completed the mandatory return-to-duty (RTD) process following a violation
The Clearinghouse keeps driver information secure
  • Only selected registered users, including employers and FMCSA, can register and access the Clearinghouse for designated purposes
  • Other enforcement agencies, such as SDLAs and State law enforcement agencies, only receive driver eligibility status
  • Drivers can access their own information, but not information of other drivers
  • The Clearinghouse meets all relevant Federal security standards and FMCSA will verify the effectiveness of security protections regularly

The Clearinghouse Final Rule

  • Mandated by Congress (MAP-21, Section 32402)
  • Published December 5, 2016
  • Established requirements for the Clearinghouse
  • Identified January 6, 2020 as the Clearinghouse implementation date

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Who is required to use the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse?

  • Drivers who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) or commercial learner’s permits (CLPs)*
  • Employers of CDL drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs)
  • Consortia/third-party administrations (C/TPAs)
  • Medical review officers (MROs)
  • Substance abuse professionals (SAPs)
  • State Drivers Licensing Agencies (SDLAs)

*who need to respond to employer consent requests

What actions will users take in the Clearinghouse?

  • Record – Drivers’ drug and/or alcohol program violations, and other related information in the Clearinghouse
  • Consent – Authorization to conduct a query
    – Requested by employers or C/TPAs
    – Provided or refused by drivers
  • Query – Determine if the Clearinghouse contains any records for the queried driver

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  1. WORK – for SAP company(ies), or self-employed
  2. REGISTER – for the Clearinghouse and self-certify qualifications
  3. ENTER – RTD information into the Clearinghouse (date initial assessment completed, date driver eligible for RTD test)
  4. INVITE – SAP Assistant(s) to enter RTD information on their behalf

Driver must designate the SAP in the Clearinghouse before the SAP may enter RTD information about the driver in the Clearinghouse.

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Download PDF Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: For MROs and SAPs, with Industry Q&A | View PDF
U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration